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Let me on stage... I have 38 and have lived at my current apetube address for almost four years since my marriage broke up and subsequent divorce. I have a beautiful two-bedroom house on a quiet street, and I'm happy. I am currently free, but check a few since my marriage broke up. My neighbor is Sue. She has been married over 45 years, two children (both in their twenties ) and unattractive, although not a BBW BBW is usually not my scene. I've seen, sunbathing Sue a couple of times and quietly in their beds, but have never gone beyond fantasized about him. Earlier this year I noticed apetube something that Sue lost weight - I said she and her husband were on a cruise in May and wanted to be at its best. At the time of the journey that had lost some weight and looked good - still thin, but now only enjoyable but is awkward as a BBW. two weeks ago I noticed Sue in a conversation with one apetube of my other neighborsd what I saw happy - they had bought a new wardrobe and looked good. A tight top that showed off her cleavage was combined with a pair of pants 3 / 4 and a pair of high heels (fuck me) shoes. Was stirred at the sight of my todger and saw out the window for a while. I returned to work (work from home), but 10 minutes later there was a knock at the door. It was Sue - who had problems with the computer and asked me if I had a look. Yes - I said, I will be the same round. A few minutes later I was trying to sort out in your spare room, the mess of a PC. apetube Sue kept leaning on a clarification of the plant - every time he did, so he has a fabulous view of her breasts. They are not that big, but actually your best wonderbra displays them on your behalf. I told him it looked good after losing weight - he thanked me for this apetube and mentioned that I had good legs (I was wearing shorts ) and they saw me out on my bike a lot, so it must be because . decision Ided to add a little more up front and told her that her top was put in me - put the puppies away I said to Sue, or something similar. Sue laughed and put his hand on my leg - I was told to lose weight had increased their apetube confidence and became more and more attention from men as a result So I decided to take the bull by the horns! . I put my hand on his leg ( he did not care ) and bent and kissed her lips - they responded immediately, and very passionate. read my next post for the details of what happened next !
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